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The mission of Saffire Valley is to foster the economic and social vitality of Downtown Saffire Valley, while accentuating its unique heritage.

 Saffire Valley Vision Statement
The Downtown Saffire Valley of the future will be an attractive and uniquely vibrant destination for community residents and visitors. Downtown Saffire Valley will maintain its quaint atmosphere while offering ample dining, shopping, entertainment, and cultural and educational opportunities. Accentuating the historic quality of its traditional architecture and railroad history, the downtown will reflect the civic, academic, economic, social and cultural vitality of the entire community.

Strengthen downtown’s role as the central business district and increase sustainable commercial activity in the downtown for the benefit of the Valley.
Make the traditional downtown a vibrant, attractive heart of the community.
Enhance the image of the downtown as a lively, dynamic destination while incorporating the rich history of the Valley and its downtown core.
Increase the awareness and capacity of downtown property owners, businesses, volunteers, and committees to pursue the Rock Springs Main Street Program’s overall mission and vision.
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