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Guided tours of this 123 acre facility will give you as close a look at manned space flight as can be had. The facility has seven major attractions including the Mission Status Center, Starship Gallery, Space Shuttle Mock-up, Space Centre Theatre, The Feel of Space and Space Center Plaza.
The Saffire Valley Museum of Art: Features more than 23,000 items spanning 5,000 years of creativity. It is the only place in North Saffire to find works from all cultures across all time periods. Founded in 1903, the museum is seen by more than 600,000 visitors each year and ranks among the leading art institutions in the country. The museum has become known nationally for its pieces from ancient Americas, Africa, Indonesia, South Asia and beyond. Locally, visitors can enjoy two on-site restaurants and live music on Thursday nights.
Saffire State History Museum: Since 2001, The Saffire History Museum in downtown Saffire Valley has been engaging audiences, to interpret for themselves, the continually unfolding "Story of Saffire." The Museum has been visited by over 6 million people coming from every state in the United States and every continent on Earth.
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